The HSE states that hand hygiene is one of the most important ways to prevent the spread of infections. With this recommendation we have a number of hygiene stations to choose from such as hand sanitiser dispenser stands and protective gloves stands. When using hand sanitiser the HSE recommends that you should rub your hands together with hand sanitiser and then rub it all over the top of your hands, in between your fingers and the area under the fingernails. Continue rubbing until your hands are dry.

COVID-19 Hygiene Stations are brilliant to have in place on entry and departing of buildings such as supermarkets, pharmacies, butchers, retail stores, cafes and any other necessary environment. 

We are now supplying and fitting a range of sanitation stations for businesses. Our high end sanitation stations are manufactured with black melamine for strength, stability and to withstand high usage and moisture penetration from the base up. They come with a towel dispenser, automatic sanitiser gel dispenser, extra storage for replacement towels, and brand graphics.


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